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As a student in the New Media Institute and the University of Georgia, we are taught the newest technologies that are coming our way and equipped with the skills to use them. For my final project in my New Media Production class, I chose to do the Freelance for a Friend project, and it also involved the aspects of the Publication-style CMS Mastery project, since I used WordPress. I offered to build a site for the creator of Scripted Supply who was a mutual friend and I followed her account on Instagram. She was really excited about having a custom built website and had a lot of ideas.

Working with a client was a new and valuable experience. I wanted to cater to her needs. Instead of doing things just how I like it, I had to put my self inside her shoes and decide if this styling choice reflected the brand she had so carefully created. Therefore, there was a lot of back and forth communication about what she specifically wanted in a site, how she could take what I have built and grow with it.

Another interesting part of this project is the fact that I am hanging it off to someone else. Therefore, my organization has to be strong and I have to teach her basic WordPress and the things I have learned. This will help me solidify my knowledge of WordPress and held me accountable for having clearly named categories and no random post without a category. Also, working with a client was challenging because we had different schedules and were in different cities. Overcoming that and really understanding my client, is a skill that will transfer into my career no matter how technology changes.

One of the most useful things I built for her was the Let’s Connect page. I think it was the most needed thing for her because, before this website, she was only using social media. There was no streamlined way for people to contact her about orders that captured the needed contact information and allowed them to specify what they wanted in a commission. Now she has a specific webpage she can send people to a neat form.

Unlike the WordPress variety pack, this project challenged us to take a theme and use it to the max capacity. Finding a well-constructed theme was vital to my success. This theme had many different pieces you could add and I used the creator’s site to make sure I was taking advantage of what they had built. For example,  the social media icons at the bottom of the page were part of the theme and not a plugin. I had to follow specific instructions on their site and it worked perfectly.

For this project, I used a variety of plugins. Plugins are definitely one of the areas where I have become much more knowledgeable because of this

WPBeginer is a youtube channel that became very useful to me to fill in the missing gaps in my WordPress knowledge.

project. Not only did I find useful plugins that I specifically needed for this project, but I learned how to research them and find out their features fast which is one of the lasting skills I learned from this project.

Through this project, I discovered a whole world of people devoted to WordPress and found youtube videos on plugin reviews and tutorials on the best ways to use them. Sometimes the information in the settings of the plugin is not enough to pull out all the features.

Incorporating JavaScript into this project was difficult because it took a lot of reading to understand how to get it on there in the first place. Also, when I looked at the different javascript effects to incorporate into my site they were all very edgy and wouldn’t blend with the aesthetics of my site. I also didn’t want to add something that was in there just for the sake of having Javascript. I discovered the scroll up arrow and the Pinterest pin it rollover uses Javascript and made them blend with the minimalist aesthetic Scripted Supply has. I also thought this would be useful because as her number of products grow this little javascript empowered button will make the site more user-friendly. In my search for applicable Javascript, I discovered the many ways it is used on websites and, like most lessons in this class, it has changed the way I look at websites.