The New Media Certificate at the University of Georgia is the most popular certificate at the University not only because they have an amazing faculty that seeks to make the experience in the classroom interactive and introduce us to industry standard technology but because every day we use the technology all around us but have no idea how it works. The New Media Certificate attracts those who refuse to settle for ignorance and see the value in understanding the technology that is running the world no matter what major we are in. I love this program, because of the knowledge I have gained from it I feel confident in talking about technology with professionals and have been introduced to fields I didn’t realize existed.

My involvement in the New Media Institute has enabled me to go to the Drone Summit in 2017, where professionals from all over the country, in different fields came to discuss drone best practice, policy and innovation. I have gotten to meet and collaborate with students from various majors and I have put my heart and soul into building an app called Augmented UGA. Through this program, I have learned WordPress and built this portfolio to showcase who I am and what I can do.