In my final New Media class, my group and I were tasked with creating a new product utilizing augmented reality, specifically Apple’s ARkit. After researching augmented reality and the future of this technology we decided on creating Augmented UGA a one-stop shop for any University of Georgia tourist. Our app brought augmented reality navigation to the most important pieces of UGA’s campus.

My role as the creative director and project manager pushed me to further develop my management skills and graphic design skills. I liked building a brand from the ground up and getting to brainstorm with the group about how we wanted to tell our story graphically. I chose the paw print because while using this app not only are you leaving your mark on UGA but you are seeing where others before you have left their mark on this campus.

For our project, I created pamphlets, posters, visual design docs, powerpoint presentations, social media posts and graphically designed the app. I had never designed for an app before and I taught my self Adobe XD. I was really proud of the final product and now have a personal of front end development. One of the greatest skills the New Media Institute has taught me is how to talk to people more technological than me. In an age of ever-growing technology, I can have educated conversations with developers and better understand what I am asking them to do. Working closely with our coder throughout this project allowed me to further develop this skill.

As the project manager, I created a google spreadsheet with all of the semester’s projects, dates, and group member assignments. As our assignments came were able to see ahead and update each other with our progress. I was also the point of contact for any questions regarding branding and project expectations. I loved learning my group members skills and equipping them to learn new ones.

If you would like to check out our project here is our website.